Nous avons malheureusement perdu notre chère Rosaria

This has been a very hard start to 2024 for all of us at the New Zealand Liberation Museum – Te Arawhata. We have just had the devastating news that our dear Rosaria has died.

Rosaria Campbell has been our Project Manager for such a long time and we have all been stunned by her capacity for work and by the way she maintained her grace and dignity throughout the most stressful times.

Around six months ago we learned that Rosaria was going for some tests. The news was not good. She was admitted into the care of the French health system to be treated for cancer.

Her mother, Vicki and her father Adrian, have spent the last six months at her side. Adrian has been back and forth to New Zealand and Rosaria has had many visits from her brothers, Thornton and Oakley. This has been the saddest of times for Rosaria’s family and we send our love and thoughts to them.

In the face of setbacks and unimaginable pain, Rosaria held her composure, never complained, was always grateful for the care she was given, and remained ever hopeful. Even up to the last stages Rosaria was keen to return home.

Any description of Rosaria will be inadequate for those of you who did not know her. She was extraordinary, kind, intelligent and funny. Rosaria played an integral role in the completion of the NZ Liberation Museum – Te Arawhata. She was a highly respected colleague and her ability to manage a project of this scale spoke to her professionalism and commitment. She was supportive to those around her and was a much-loved member of our team.

And for those of you who did know Rosaria – nothing needs to be said. You will be heart-broken by this news.

Rosaria’s family are now grieving her loss. If you would like to send any messages to the Campbell family, please send them to Jenni Giblin: jenni@funding-hq.comJenni will pass these on to Rosaria’s family on your behalf.

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