French tourist focus

Tapping into local tourism sector key to growth  

A major milestone for the museum to be featured on leading French tourism website Hauts-de-France Tourisme which showcases the Te Arawhata visitor experience and highlights the liberation of Le Quesnoy as both a Kiwi and French story.

We are well into our next phase of our growth which is focussed on making the museum a must-visit destination and establishing Te Arawhata as a key location alongside the other remembrance sites on the Western Front.
Growing the museum into a successful and sustainable business is also important to ensure we are supporting and contributing to the French tourism industry.

Valuable support from the French tourism sector is essential to helping spread the word to enable as many people as possible to learn about New Zealand’s World War One story and the lasting friendship between Kiwis and the people of Le Quesnoy and France.

Read the article here: https://www.tourisme-en-hautsdefrance.com/mes-envies/la-memoire-autrement/musee-neo-zelandais-de-la-liberation/

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