International Day of Neutrality

Today (December 12) is International Day of Neutrality, a United Nations’ initiative raising public awareness about the importance of remaining impartial in conflicts to contribute to peace and international cooperation.

We asked Professor Richard Jackson, Co-Director Te Ao O Rongomaraeroa – The National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at University of Otago, for his expert take on neutrality in the current global environment. 

“At a time when civilian lives are being lost at unprecedented rate in conflicts around the world, the principles of neutrality, humanitarianism and civilian protection have never been more important. The international community needs to take every possible step to protect civilian lives in situations of armed conflict.”

The NZ Liberation Museum – Te Arawhata was built on freedom, friendship, and the future. It is a place for not only Kiwis, but people from around the world, to visit and celebrate freedom, friendship, and the importance of learning from the past to support a better future.

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